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    A Methodology and Framework for Innovation: The Expedient Enterprise Workspace Story

    Over the past few months, I’ve written about how Expedient Enterprise Workspace, our “VDI Without Compromise” solution, will be a game-changer in the market. Today, I’d like to share why rationale on why I believe this to be true and how innovation drives product development at Expedient. I joined Expedient to lead product innovation and market...


    Beyond VDI: How Desktop as a Service Enables Better Hybrid Work

    The arrival of COVID created an intense scramble to enable remote user needs. Standing up remote application access, via new or existing workstations/laptops, with security requirements to ensure proper data/systems protection, in just a few weeks, is not for the faint of heart. Although a number of different options exist for making this work, what you wind up with is...


    Grilled Cheese Anyone?

    If you read my last blog entry, you would know that I’m pumped about our Expedient Enterprise Workspace product. Today, however, I am going to talk about something near and dear to my heart…the Grilled Cheese sandwich! Stay with me here. Who doesn’t love grilled cheese? Young or old, rich or poor, almost all of...


    From Here to There to Anywhere: Reimagining the Cloud Journey

    This was a watershed year for Expedient, and although significant on a number of levels, the best is yet to come. I know this is a time of year when we collectively get nostalgic and sentimental. And in 2021, as was the case in 2020, we have many reasons to do that. If we truly take...


    Have you considered all that can be done in a year?

    IT projects often move slowly. The University of Phoenix expected their cloud migration to last eighteen months. We helped them do it in four and a half. In fact, on average, our clients migrate their entire estate to the cloud in about 4 months. So as we look to 2022, we’re asking...

    Have You Considered

    Work Different with Expedient Enterprise Workspace

    I am really excited that Expedient is launching our latest product today, Expedient Enterprise Workspace (EEW). Why am I excited? Well, I’m glad you asked! There are three key reasons. EEW enables companies to Work Different EEW and Expedient Enterprise Cloud are like Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup: both great by themselves but when consumed together, they just hit...


    ColorTokens and Expedient Team Up to Mitigate the Risks of Ransomware Attacks

    We’re happy to introduce Rajesh Khazanchi, CEO of ColorTokens, Expedient’s newest technology partner. He’ll be outlining how Xshield, their ML-powered micro-segmentation solution, helps Expedient clients secure their workloads. At ColorTokens, our goal is to make micro-segmentation and Zero Trust security a reality for enterprises. That’s why we’re proud that Expedient has chosen to integrate our award-winning, ML-powered micro-segmentation solution, Xshield,...

    Security and Compliance Cloud

    Demystifying Ransomware: How to Stop an Attack from Spreading to Your Server Infrastructure

    This post is part of our Demystifying Ransomware series. Read the rest. As we’ve been outlining in our ransomware blog series, protecting against a ransomware attack requires a multifaceted defense strategy that covers and supports multiple layers of infrastructure. Each layer of infrastructure requires its own unique level protection — endpoint, server, and network, along...

    Demystifying Ransomware Disaster Recovery

    Disaster Recovery Done Right

    This post is part of our Microsoft in a Multi-Cloud World series. Read the rest. Security threats are on the rise and for businesses, it’s no longer a matter of if, but when, an attack will occur. Consider a recent article from HBR which reports that Read Article

    Expedient + Azure Disaster Recovery Cloud

    Unpredictable Costs, Or How to Derail Your Cloud Efforts Before They Begin

    This post is part of our Microsoft in a Multi-Cloud World series. Read the rest. Cloud adoption is growing and many companies that went all in on a single hyperscale cloud are quickly experiencing something they didn’t expect—a rapid spike in costs, sometimes two to five times what was expected at...

    Expedient + Azure Cloud

    The Power of Multi-Cloud Expertise

    This post is part of our Microsoft in a Multi-Cloud World series. Read the rest. Just about every business today recognizes the incredible power of cloud but almost universally fails in grasping the challenges that comes with this journey. This blind spot ultimately leads to failure—Cloud Security Alliance...

    Expedient + Azure Cloud