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    Getting Your Spiraling Cloud Costs Back Under Control

    A day of reckoning appears to be at hand over public cloud spending. The promise and exuberance of cloud computing have given way to disillusionment and a “hangover” of epic proportions over managing costs. A recent post by Martin Casado and Sarah Wang at Andreessen Horowitz provides some very interesting insights into cloud spending habits from 50 public...


    Demystifying Ransomware: Anatomy of an Attack

    This post is part of our Demystifying Ransomware series. Read the rest. Ransomware attacks have become so common that it’s no longer a matter of how many cyberattacks happen per day — that metric is now measured in seconds. A new company will be hit by a ransomware attack Read Article

    Demystifying Ransomware Disaster Recovery

    Expedient Bests AWS, Azure, and GCP in Benchmarking Study

    This month, Cloud Spectator, a benchmarking agency focused on cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), released their 2021 Cloud Performance Analysis. This report explored how 4 key cloud providers﹣AWS, Azure, GCP, and Expedient﹣stack up, by evaluating the CPU, Storage, and Database performance across multiple VM configurations. I am excited to share that the Expedient Enterprise Cloud was measured as the best value of...


    Are You Chasing Cloud Technology or Cloud Value?

    In 2020, Accenture conducted a survey that found only 37% of companies feel they are “achieving the full value expected on their cloud investments.” At the same time, Flexera found that 47% of companies expected their cloud budgets to grow over the next year. These companies are not seeing the value in...

    The Cloud Is Not A Destination, It’s An Approach

    “Just move it all to the cloud” is a message that many hyperscale providers have been pushing and promoting over the years. And many a corporate board has pushed the same to their CIO and respective IT leadership team. The promise and value proposition for cloud computing is seemingly simple and direct—move from a Capital Expenditures (CapEx) to an Operating...