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Simplified Infrastructure, Powerful Ecosystem

Better infrastructure means better business outcomes. And while the IT landscape perpetually shifts, more impact is expected from fewer resources, ensuring your tech stack is flexible, adaptable, and reliable enough to withstand any eventuality is essential.

A Range of Deployment Options

Broaden your capabilities, maximize uptime and availability, and simplify your infrastructure needs with managed private cloud, edge computing, and disaster recovery. Ensure workloads and applications operate in environments that maximize performance, security, cost-efficiency, and business relevance.

The synergy between Nutanix's cutting-edge technology and Expedient's expert services ensures that businesses not only operate more efficiently and reliably but also achieve better outcomes through enhanced performance, scalability, continuity, and cost-effectiveness.

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Private Cloud

Cloud benefits while leveraging the technology stack you already know and prefer, paired with the flexibility of a service model.

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Expedient Edge

An end-to-end compute platform built to run your workloads at edge locations on redundant hardware with remote management and support.

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Disaster Recovery as a Service

Hands-on expertise that aligns with your IT resiliency goals with different tiers of recovery point and recovery time objectives.

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Ensuring Continuity

Integrated data protection and disaster recovery capabilities keep critical information secure.

  • Rich Disaster Recovery Integration
  • Clients benefit from Nutanix's robust disaster recovery capabilities, which are especially useful for those running Nutanix private clouds on-premises

  • Seamless Failover and Recovery
  • Expedient provides comprehensive migration and disaster recovery solutions, ensuring minimal downtime and continuous business operations

  • Pre-Deployment Testing
  • Comprehensive testing to give you confidence when you need to failover for real

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Expansive Optionality

Expedient offers seamless workload mobility across different environments, supporting hybrid and multi-cloud strategies.

  • Hybrid Cloud Integration
  • Nutanix bolsters interoperability, enabling teams to efficiently operate and orchestrate workloads across environments in a cloud operating model

  • Comprehensive Ecosystem
  • Nutanix integrates with a wide array of data protection, observability, and security tooling, including Expedient managed services

  • Edge Solutions
  • Expedient Edge provides a cloud operating model at remote client locations, optimizing cost and performance for local workloads

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Seamless Experience & Easy Migrations

Employ straightforward and efficient processes to make the transition smooth and the day-to-day operations steady and predictable.

  • Collaborative Co-Management
  • We handle everything from infrastructure setup to hypervisor patching, freeing your team’s time to focus on applications and outcomes by leveraging Expedient’s services, experience, and expertise

  • Single Management Plane
  • Clients benefit from a unified management interface, even when operating across multiple sites and locations

  • Streamlined Migration Process
  • Expedient offers consultative migration services, including pre-built networks and bubble tests, to ensure smooth transitions without disruptions

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Cloud Service Provider Expertise

Expand your impact without expanding your team. Benefit from having a proactive partner by your side.

  • Cost Efficiency
  • Optimized hardware and efficient core usage reduce overall operational costs, providing greater value to clients

  • An Extension of Your Team
  • Close skills gaps with experts from Expedient handling hard-to-hire-for roles and infrastructure tasks

  • Expertise and Recognition
  • As a top-tier Service Provider Champion with Nutanix, Expedient ensures high-quality service delivery, backed by robust technical and support expertise

Webinar Replay: The Key to IT Optionality

If you're an IT leader aiming to increase the adaptability and resilience of your infrastructure, this webinar will help you understand why Nutanix is a crucial component of the modern technology stack. Watch Now

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