Have You Considered... The Importance of a Balanced Breakfast?

July 22, 2022 2 min Read

And in this case, by “breakfast,” we mean “cloud operating model.”

Think back to those cereal ads that ran during Saturday morning cartoons when we were kids. They’d get to the end, show a box of Sugar O’s cereal on a table next to eggs, toast, a glass of orange juice, and a bowl full of fruit, and suddenly mom had to buy the Sugar O’s because it was healthy.

Now look at your cloud technology. A balanced cloud operating model has everything you need, starting with AI/ML and other public cloud tech, enterprise cloud, colocation, and probably even some on-premises. Like the healthy breakfast shown in the ads, this is to make sure you get a well-rounded meal and cover your bases with legacy applications, mission-critical hardware and servers you can’t give up, disaster recovery environments, compliance requirements, and VMware-based workloads you can’t just lift-and-shift to the public cloud. (You can decide which part of that is the sugary cereal you eat straight from the box by the handful and which is the bran muffin you begrudgingly eat because you know it’s good for you).

Aim for a balance to make sure you cover product development, innovation, technical debt, and everything in between.

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