Ransomware Mitigation

Stop Ransomware in its Tracks

It's not just big companies getting hit. From hospitals and schools to critical infrastructure and even small businesses, everyone's a target for ransomware. Even after paying a ransom or attempting to recover data, businesses have long outages, damaged reputations, and potentially lawsuits from customers to deal with. Many organizations are not prepared to handle an attack and properly doing so requires a concerted effort and skills that most companies do not have.

Stand Up to Ransomware: Protect, Detect, Recover


An attacker needs an entry point to an infrastructure. There are many ways to acquire this, which is why a ransomware protection plan requires multiple layers. It starts with an endpoint security platform that goes beyond signature-based protection and leverages. Prevent ransomware with:

  • Multi-Cloud Firewall
  • Microsegmentation
  • Endpoint Security


As the headlines in the news suggest, even companies with strong protection efforts succumb to attacks, which are evolving and becoming more sophisticated all the time. Should an attack break through your defenses, it`s paramount that you respond as quickly as possible. A strong SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) can help your organization detect and analyze threats and joins your protection and detection functions into a cohesive unit. Detect ransomware with:

  • Siem


When most people think of disaster recovery, they think of natural disasters like a hurricane or tornado. A ransomware attack is a disaster recovery event and one that is far more likely to happen than a natural disaster. A strong disaster recovery and data protection plan gives you multiple options to recover when the attack happens. Recover from ransomware with Push Button Disaster Recovery and Cloud Data Protection

Ransomware Mitigation

To protect, detect, and recover from ransomware, you need a range of tooling. Expedient Security CTRL offers a suite of tools, including multi-cloud firewall, endpoint security, microsegmentation, and SIEM to guard your environments against attacks. Managed backups and push button disaster recovery help minimize the damage by getting you back up and running quickly. Unfortunately, ransomware isn't going away. Want to know where your gaps are?

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I had a partner that I knew had my back, that I knew I could really trust 100%.

Pankaj Singh, Chief Technology Officer at National Auto Care

When National Auto Care was hit by ransomware, they were prepared with daily backups and a tested and reliable recovery plan. In less than 48 hours, they were back up and running.

To get an idea of how devastating a ransomware attack can be, consider what happened to Expedient client National Auto Care earlier this in October of last year. At 6:30 on a Friday morning, employees started noticing the network was not accessible. An hour later, the first helpdesk ticket was submitted. At 8:28, it was confirmed that there had been a ransomware attack and by 8:30, a call had been placed to the FBI and the affected servers were shut down, effectively paralyzing the organization. Find out how they went from hacked to back in the webinar below, featuring CTO Pankah Singh.

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