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Microsoft in a Multi-Cloud World

Cloud is foundational to a successful transformation effort. And as no two businesses are exactly alike, digital transformation is not a one-size-fits-all process. Each organization needs to navigate their own path.

Because even Azure cannot address the totality of an IT estate amassed over decades, the path for Microsoft Shops should be carved across on-premises, enterprise cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

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Multi-Cloud in Action

In order to put each application in the optimal environment, organizations must leverage different platforms. Many, if not most, organizations that didn't start from a cloud native posture have been "Microsoft shops," which means they have years of end-user productivity tools and applications built on .NET and .NET Core, SQL Server, and other Microsoft technologies. Azure helps deliver on workloads with variable resource demands and on the Microsoft systems and software companies have built their success upon.

But what about non-Microsoft apps?

What about workloads that don't fit well into hyperscale clouds ﹣ steady state, legacy critical applications or VMware-based workloads?

Expedient Enterprise Cloud is purpose-built for those applications. The ones that don't lift-and-shift easily into a hyperscale cloud. The ones that require a constant flow of data﹣coming in and going out. The ones that need to work without refactoring code or retraining staff.

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Accelerate your digital transformation with Microsoft Azure and Expedient

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