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    Apples to apples: How are you comparing cloud to on-premises IT?

    Every year, more organizations are considering cloud computing as an alternative to traditional on-premises server, storage and network equipment. Change events that drive cloud consideration can include normal IT hardware refresh cycles, changes in company or IT leadership, new lines of business and new applications. How do these organizations compare cloud versus in-house both functionally and financially? Are they missing...

    Cloud Computing Data Centers private cloud public cloud hybrid cloud

    Are You Honest with Your Organization (and Yourself) About Technical Debt?

    Are you honest with your organization (and yourself) about technical debt? Let’s start with a definition. Much of the historical discussion about technical debt is in software development, even though technical debt can exist across the entire technology environment.  Technical debt is often described as inefficiency that compounds over time, like inefficiency related to maintainability, problems, performance or architecture.  Some...

    Cloud Computing

    Should you use an all-SaaS approach for your IT environment?

    One of the most frequent questions I hear revolves around the rise of Software as a Service (SaaS) applications.  IT professionals are asking “Why shouldn’t I use all SaaS applications if I can eliminate the need for a data center, the hardware and all the tactical IT effort that goes along with it?” The answer to this question focuses around...

    Cloud Computing Infrastructure as a service

    All Disaster Recovery as a Service offerings look the same. How do I choose?

    All Disaster Recovery as a Service offerings look the same. How do I choose? You’ve made the decision to use a disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) solution – budget has been approved, and it’s time to start the evaluation process. What are the criteria you should use to compare seemingly similar DR solutions, and what questions should you...

    Disaster Recovery

    2017 OpenStack Summit Recap

    2016 was my first OpenStack Summit and my eyes were opened to something new and fresh that I had not experienced before. With my closest 8,000 friends I got to hear from real OpenStack users, talking about the problems they were trying to solve and their experiences along the way. This year was much of the same content, but with...

    Cloud Computing