Is Cloud Computing Right for Your Company?: Take the Readiness Quiz

May 15, 2014 2 min Read

Is Cloud Computing Right for Your Company?: Take the Readiness Quiz

Cloud computing solutions have recently received a big push from managed service providers and the internet has become crowded with articles, advertisements and blog posts all touting the benefits the cloud has to offer. Download Expedient’s Public Cloud vs. Private Cloud Whitepaper for expert analysis on the advantages of cloud computing. The advantages of cloud computing include:

  • Eliminate the need for investing time, energy and money into a physically separate hardware infrastructure.
  • Maximize and improve network security, bandwidth and computing capacity, all while saving money.

The Cloud Quiz

Need more convincing? Take the cloud computing readiness quiz to test whether you are ready to switch from a traditional network environment to the cloud:

  • Can my investments in technology equipment, support and maintenance be better utilized in other areas of the business?
  • Does my business require network design best practices, commercial-grade equipment, bullet-proof security, enterprise bandwidth and expert IT management?
  • Does my business model require a network system that can scale up quickly to accommodate unplanned growth?
  • Are system performance, availability and security critical to my business’s day-to-day operations?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, cloud computing may be right for your business. Contact Expedient to learn more about your cloud computing options.

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