Exploring the Hybrid Side of Cloud Computing

May 06, 2014 2 min Read

Exploring the Hybrid Side of Cloud Computing

There is little arguing it: Cloud computing has forever changed the state of the IT landscape. However, what is important to note is the way this change is taking place. Instead of plunging headfirst into the cloud, many IT departments are taking a “one piece at a time” approach, first adopting cloud services for their less critical data and applications.   The result has been a hybrid approach to cloud computing; an approach that lets a company host all their systems in a private environment while continuing to leverage the cloud where appropriate.

What is the Hybrid Cloud?

Because there are multiple ways to go about adopting the cloud, companies are realizing that the choice between public and private is not enough. While the public cloud may offer cost savings and scalability, the private cloud offers the appeal of a secure environment. Additionally, some IT departments are afraid of losing control in the public cloud. Not only are the guarantees of availability taken out of their hands, but they have additional concerns surrounding the public cloud’s ability to meet their security and compliance requirements. This is when the hybrid cloud offers the ultimate compromise.

At Expedient, our hybrid cloud is a combination of colocation and either a public or private cloud. If you are attracted to the flexibility that the cloud has to offer, but parts of your IT network’s infrastructure are not yet ready to be virtualized, this hybrid approach is ideal. With a hybrid cloud computing solution, your cloud services live independently of the rest of your IT infrastructure. Your solution offers flexibility and scalability, while still allowing your central systems to remain in a physically secure environment.

Still have questions as to which cloud computing solution is right for you? Expedient has created a map to guide you. Download our Roadmap to Cloud Computing to learn more.

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