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    Heroic Effort is Not an IT Strategy

    Are you relying on your IT heroes too heavily? Watch the webinar replay here. It’s 3:45 on a Friday afternoon. The financial system, your organization’s most critical application, just went down. The server it was running on needed to be replaced two years ago, but funding was tight and the replacement was pushed out. The IT team...


    One More Hardware Refresh?

    Watch the webinar, and, for a deeper dive, read about how to handle your next hardware refresh—if you’re up for it—below the video. So. You’re due for a hardware refresh in your on-premises or colocated data center. And, since it’s been what, almost five years since you’ve been...


    AC/CF? WTH?

    One of my favorite CIOs once told me there are two kinds of work in corporate IT: AC work and CF work. He then explained the differences. AC work are the business projects that have a material impact on increasing revenue, reducing costs, reducing time to market, and opening new lines of business. These projects typically enhance an organization’s ability...

    Disaster Recovery Cloud

    Multi-cloud Choices: What is the best cloud for your legacy applications?

    In our multi-cloud world, workload placement is one of the most crucial IT decisions organizations make. With the plethora of mature and proven cloud options out there, the business case to migrate most legacy, on-premises applications to the cloud is undeniable. But, which cloud do you choose? Desired redundancy, application recoverability, networking, storage, and support are just a few of...


    Expedient Sponsors GartnerIOCS Conference in 2019

    The 2019 Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference (GartnerIOCS) was held at The Venetian in Las Vegas the week of December 9, 2019. Nearly 3,500 attendees, including members of the Expedient team, participated and learned about new trend analysis in cloud and IT infrastructure. The Expedient team regularly attends conferences in order to remain current with the role...