Lessons Learned: Reviewing 2020

December 10, 2020 2 min Read

We’re about to cross the finish line on a tremendously difficult year for most organizations. And this year more than any other, December 31st certainly feels like a finish line that’s been painted on the ground. Getting there will be an accomplishment.

As the holidays approach, it’s easy to get wrapped up in planning for 2021 and starting to focus on next year’s goals. Don’t forget to reflect on the lessons learned from this past year.

We were especially fixated on lessons this year, too, and we shared as many as we could. We helped you make sense of the cloud and we talked with our clients at Kappler about the big responsibility they fulfill with just a small IT department.

We reminded you that the cloud is not a destination (it’s the vehicle) and we explored why heroic effort is not an IT strategy.

We confronted analysis paralysis with you, and we considered the futility of one more hardware refresh.

We introduced you to our new Cloud Native portfolio on the Expedient Enterprise Cloud, and we asked whether you’re focused on AC work or if you’re spinning your wheels working on CF work.

We’re not sure what next year is going to throw at us, but if we’ve learned anything from this year, it’s that we’re all a bit more resilient than we thought we were. Some lessons were harder to learn than others, but we’re stronger for having learned them.

Doug Theis Doug Theis

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