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Moving to the cloud taking longer than expected?

If migrating to the cloud were easy, we'd all be done by now. Moving existing applications has been tougher than most organizations expected, though. It takes longer, costs more, and adds a tremendous amount of complexity for IT teams that are already overburdened. There are ways to accelerate the journey, though.

Face Migration Challenges Head-On

Build a Cloud Adoption Strategy

Poor or inadequate planning can doom a migration before it begins. Proper planning for a move to the cloud should include a proper infrastructure assessment for your current environment along with the needs of future environments, a custom migration strategy that puts the right applications in the right environment, and experienced practitioners who can help mitigate risk throughout the process.

Lean on Experts

Cloud migration requires specific skills and knowledge, and organizations lacking in-house expertise may struggle to execute the migration efficiently. A cloud partner, acting as an extension of the team, can provide guidance and best practices and help organizations address potential challenges to ensure a smooth transition to the cloud. They also empower organizations to focus on core competencies that produces greater business results than just procuring, deploying, and managing the day to day.

Keep Costs Under Control

Controlling cloud costs has always been, and will continue to be, a top priority for IT departments. That's because it can be difficult to accurately map total spend when workloads are spread across multiple teams, multiple clouds, and multiple platforms. Leveraging as-a-service tools will allow you to make informed strategic and tactical decisions, better tracking and adjusting spend and cost management.  

Manage A Multi-Cloud Operating Model and the Complexity That Accompanies

Compatibility issues between existing on-premises systems and cloud platforms can be complex and time-consuming to resolve, causing delays in migration. Cloud is not a one-size-fits-all proposition and a diverse array of environments is required to get it right. Embrace multi-cloud with a provider that offers a suite of tools that reduce complexity and promote consistent security policies and workflows across hyperscale and enterprise clouds and even on-premises workloads.

Migration Stalled? It’s Time to Cloud Different.

As a Full Stack Cloud Service Provider, Expedient has the tools, the experts, and the experience to help organization’s migration challenges, accelerating their cloud journeys and achieving faster time to value from their efforts.

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I didn’t even realize the team had already migrated the server I was worried about.

Jamie Smith, CIO, University of Phoenix

The Boring Migrations are Always the Best Migrations

Previous lift-and-shift efforts to a hyperscale cloud had been initiated but never got off the ground due to the complexity involved in modernizing legacy applications and workloads. With a team that was already discouraged and giving up, the challenge wasn't just to show that a cloud migration could be transformational for the University, it was to show that it was possible at all.

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