Stop Being Surprised By
Your Cloud Spend

Optimizing cloud spend is not a new problem. In fact, for the fifth year in a row, it’s the top priority for organizations moving workloads to the cloud*. Why? With workloads spread across multiple teams, multiple clouds and multiple locations, it’s incredibly difficult to accurately map total spend. It’s even harder to predict future expenditures and optimize them.


With Expedient Cost CTRL, you can see the entirety of your cloud spend, optimize your current workloads, and manage future spend with upfront cost estimates across your clouds.

Support for dozens of clouds
From hyperscalers like AWS, Azure, and GCP to enterprise clouds like Expedient and everything in between, we can connect and analyze costs.

Compare pricing across clouds
At deployment, see what your sizing will cost in different cloud platforms and know your costs upfront.

Cost visibility with showback
Group your organization’s usage to view your teams’ or business units’ spending at a granular level.

Continuous optimization
Constant monitoring and easy implementation of improvements ensures you’re not overspending on your instances.

Budget control, approval workflows
Set budgets for spending and prevent out of budget deployments from creating unexpected shortfalls.

Deep reporting capabilities
Show where spending can improve with organization-friendly reports and get real-time insights with filtering and custom tagging.

Customize your costs
Utilize the cloud providers’ pricing APIs to pull in instance types from your clouds and apply custom rate cards to personalize your pricing.

Deploy your cloud workloads with confidence that you’re spending wisely.

Expedient Cost CTRL is built to help you centralize and optimize your cloud spending, regardless of what clouds you may be using. With an easy-to-use GUI, you can build reports and leverage customizable analytics to deliver savings back into the business. Connect multiple accounts across your teams and gain visibility across your cloud spending that enables your multi-cloud journey.

Cost Savings
Your cloud spend is optimized and find savings in your existing deployments.

Easy-to-use, but Powerful
Use the GUI or API to deliver powerful cost analysis to your organization.

Single point of management for all your clouds cuts time spent managing them.

Fully Managed
Save the hassle of running/maintaining platform and optimize your workloads.

Agility with Control
Enable your developers to deploy without losing control over spending.

24x7 OSC support. We’re here to help you when you need it.

Security and Compliance

Start small and grow as you expand your visibility.

Easy Setup and Simple Pricing
Only pay for the tooling you use with a predictable monthly cost.

Client Spotlight

“Most companies offer a one size fits all and the one size doesn’t exactly fit all… Expedient came to the table with multiple options”

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