Multi-cloud delivers the optimal computing platform to drive modern business for the decade ahead.

Cutting across on-prem infrastructure, along with Enterprise and Hyperscale cloud platforms, multi-cloud empowers your organization to leverage the IT estate amassed over decades, employ the skills of your existing IT team, and take full advantage of new innovations as they emerge, all in a pragmatic, cost-effective manner.

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Multi-cloud does not simply mean multiple clouds.

There is no one single cloud that can possibly provide a digital twin for your expansive IT estate. Instead, multi-cloud leverages the best platforms and technologies for each specific application, all accessed through a set of easy-to-use universal management services that minimize the learning curve for your current staff.

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  • Timely, quality data and insights from your IT estate via unbiased third-party assessment platform
  • Expert practitioners to guide your decision making
  • Modeling your applications on the optimal platform, whether on-premises, enterprise cloud or hyper-scale

We take a Cloud DifferentTM approach to the multi-cloud challenge in order to accelerate or reignite your organization’s
transformation journey.

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Universal Multi-Cloud Services

We offer a best-in-class curated tech stack that delivers Multi-Cloud Universal Services
that effectively span across On-Prem, Expedient, and Hyperscale Cloud Providers.

Universal Services across your IT Universe

Continuous workload optimization offers transparency and analysis over expenditures including cloud deployment. Approval workflows address provisioning and budgeting of all IT resources across multiple cloud environments without compromising compliance requirements.
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It’s time to Cloud Different.TM

Instead of following an all-in approach that hyper-scale cloud providers push, multi-cloud aligns with the proven IT model of best-fit technology, standards, APIs, and operational excellence. And it all starts with an assessment to determine the optimal solution for your estate!

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Expert Practitioners

At Expedient we are expert practitioners of the multi-cloud ethos and view it as the means for organizations to accelerate their transformation. We are a trusted partner for hundreds of companies across North America and beyond. Our experience and expertise in VMware based workloads, colocation, cloud native, and Enterprise cloud uniquely position us to help your organization.

We help you understand your organization’s IT estate amassed over years and decades, and help you place your workloads on the optimal mix of modern infrastructure to support your business imperatives for years to come.