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    Repurposing IT - How cloud-based VMware infrastructure enables better strategic focus

    How strategic is your IT team? Ask two questions to get a sense of your strategic value: Ask the employees in your organization whether they feel like Information Technology makes the organization run more effectively. As an IT professional, ask yourself whether your IT team helps your organization get the most out of its critical business applications. If...

    Cloud Computing Infrastructure as a service hyperscale cloud digital transformation IT Leadership

    Infrastructure as Code: Four Ways to Automate VMware Cloud Management

    For years, IT infrastructure provisioning was a manual process.  This made sense when deploying a new server meant placing a purchase order, waiting for gear to arrive, racking the new gear, and then finally applying a bespoke configuration to support a new workload.  However, now that most workloads are moving to the cloud, new VMs can be provisioned in...

    Cloud Computing DevOps

    Key Takeaways from Gartner's 2019 Security and Risk Management Summit

    The Business Case for Organizational Resilience More than 3,500 IT risk and security professionals congregated outside of Washington, D.C., recently to attend the 2019 Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit to gain the latest insights on evolving security trends and the ever-changing threat landscape. I was among the team from Expedient who were there to meet with vendors,...

    Security and Compliance Disaster Recovery managed services risk management

    The Differences Between Backups and Disaster Recovery

    Backups and Disaster Recovery: What’s the Difference? Modern IT departments need to be able to protect their mission-critical data and quickly respond in the event of a problem in their environment.   This capability hinges on maintaining a strategy for both backups and disaster recovery.  These two capabilities are often conflated with each other but this blog post will...

    Disaster Recovery managed services

    Hyperscale or Enterprise Cloud? Let Your Applications Decide – Part 2

    Hyperscale vs. Enterprise Cloud This is the second installment of a two-part blog post on the difference between “smart” and “dumb” applications. Part 2 covers the characteristics of “dumb applications” that are best suited to run on “smart hardware.” To learn more about “smart applications” (aka cloud native applications) running on “dumb hardware,” read Part 1. Dumb...

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