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February 06, 2019 2 min Read

The cloud game is complex, constantly evolving, and competitive. And while it seems like the names AWS and Azure have become almost synonymous with cloud, nearly all cloud pundits agree that the cloud landscape really requires two types of clouds: an Enterprise Cloud, where the applications need to have hardware redundancy, and an Application Cloud, where the applications have redundancy built into them. Hyperscalers like AWS and Azure are focused on application clouds, yet very few companies have the applications to take proper advantage of them.

Expedient meanwhile, has focused on its Enterprise Cloud offering, released in late 2018. Built on a full VMware stack of products that simplifies management, monitoring, and support, Expedient Enterprise Cloud delivers a modern API and software-driven architecture that acts similarly to an application cloud while still providing customers with the hardware redundancy needed while they morph applications to Cloud Native.

And now, following a third-party evaluation by Cloud Spectator, we’re thrilled to announced that Expedient Enterprise Cloud also delivers a lot more: it outperformed clouds from AWS, Azure, and Rackspace in compute and memory performance and beat all three in price in nearly all categories evaluated.

The report is in-depth, and the results are powerful. Not only did Expedient Enterprise Cloud turn in impressive raw performance scores, our cloud consistently ranked highest in Price-to-Performance ratio, meaning that you’re getting more bang for your buck with Enterprise Cloud than you would with clouds from AWS, Azure, or Rackspace. In this analysis, we came out on top in all three price-performance categories - VM CPU Performance, Storage Read, and Storage Write - often by a significant margin.

But don’t take it from us. Download the report now. And when you’re ready to talk cloud, consider Expedient.

As Expedient’s Principal Technologist, AJ Kuftic is responsible for driving technology change and helping customers understand the capabilities of Expedient’s solutions. Follow him on Twitter.

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