Cloud Transformation to Stand the Test of Time

March 09, 2023 3 min Read

Think of your cloud journey like building a new house. If you’ve ever done significant construction to your home or built a new one, you know there are many decisions to make – starting with the builder. Or what if you were to build it yourself? [Or opt for the lowest cost builder].

You might end up with something that provides shelter, but it might not withstand storms, wear and tear, and aging over time. Before you know it, you’ll be patching the roof and buying new materials to replace the old. While the materials might be the same, the way they’re assembled and the additional support and strength will come from the experienced builder. You want a house built for the future – just like your cloud.

Most companies expected to be further along their cloud journey in 2023. Still, 40 percent of enterprises’ multi-cloud expectations will be unachievable, according to Gartner analysts. Given all the resources, time, and investments in cloud transformation initiatives, why are so many enterprises stuck with a half-built house?

Over the past decade, businesses shifted from primarily on-premises to testing the waters with cloud, and have ended up in a multi-cloud environment. As that pendulum has swung across industries and geographies, IT leaders realize they need to work with an experienced builder with complementary capabilities to turn that house into a home.

In the cloud world, that means having a full-stack cloud service provider that partners with you on every aspect of your transformation journey, from VMWare’s Public & Private Cloud and Nationwide Colocation to 24/7 White Glove Support. That’s what Expedient does; we complement Azure’s core competencies, including Database-as-a-Service, Containerization, and Platform-as-a-Service.

As enterprises embrace multi-cloud, they’re being forced to rethink the cloud strategy. Gartner analysts recently declared “the end of the beginning of the initial cloud chapter,” signaling a major shift in how IT leaders need to approach their transformation.

The cloud journey is filled with twists and turns and unexpected roadblocks along the way. Many businesses feel discouraged, confused, and uncertain about the best path forward. Many have tried to strike the right balance across on-premises, hyperscale, and enterprise cloud. But they still have gaps with a lack of skills, security, disaster recovery, and rising technical debt.

Businesses need a combination of hyperscale and enterprise cloud to accelerate and optimize their cloud journey. By taking a Cloud Different approach, businesses can avoid being part of the 40 percent who won’t achieve multi-cloud expectations.

With Azure and our enterprise cloud, businesses get an optimal mix to integrate previously on-premises workloads and achieve outcomes from the cloud you haven’t previously been able to. It’s a combination that has helped our clients move four times the number of applications to the cloud with a quarter of the migration effort, two-thirds of the cost, and no more added technical debt.

Tim Kounadis Tim Kounadis

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