Cloud Smarter: Making Data-Driven Cloud Decisions [Webinar Replay]

To land in the right cloud the first time, you’ll want to take stock of your current IT estate﹣determine criticality, dependencies, ownership, and end state goals for each app﹣then collect inventory data over time so you can figure out how to mix and match your ideal tech stack.

That’s not easy to do.

In this webinar replay, we’ll show you how to Cloud Smarter, using CloudPhysicsObserver, an assessment tool that gathers crucial data to help you understand how your current estate aligns to a multi-cloud operating model. Watch as VP of Pre-Sales Engineering Rob McCafferty walks through how to use the tool and what information it provides to help you make the right cloud decisions.

Begin your complimentary assessment and start collecting data in minutes.

More resources to help you make better cloud decisions:

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