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“Expedient delivers real value—solutions our customers can’t run their business without. Here, an individual can make a real difference, each day, in defining and delivering those solutions. A dynamic, hands-on world of technology awaits behind the scenes of IT.”

    How Do I Make Sense of the Cloud?

    Doug Theis
    Read Time 5 min.

    Still trying to figure out the difference between IaaS and PaaS? We can help. Watch the webinar replay here. Ask three colleagues what cloud computing is, and you’ll get three different answers. Ask three cloud providers, you’ll get three different pitches. Three consultants, three different strategies… All these different explanations could be correct. The cloud isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution,...


    How To Conquer Analysis Paralysis

    Doug Theis
    Read Time 8 min.

    Stuck in your tracks? We can help. Watch the webinar replay here. A move to the cloud presents a huge opportunity for organizations that want to be more nimble and responsive as their industries and consumers evolve. Before you can reap those rewards, though, you have to get to the cloud, and that can be a pretty...


    Takeaways from the Disruption Forum Innovation Labs

    Michael Fulton
    Read Time 2 min.

    On October 22, I had a chance to participate in the Disruption Forum Innovation Labs hosted by Netguru. Leading product strategy & innovation here at Expedient, I find it useful to attend forums like this in order to hear more about what our customers and the industry at large might be thinking about when it...

    What's the Best Way to Move My Legacy Apps to the Cloud?

    Doug Theis
    Read Time 4 min.

    Ready to “cloudify” your apps? Watch the webinar replay here. Most companies we talk to are not sure of the best way to migrate mission critical legacy apps to the cloud. First, we should define mission critical legacy apps (MCLAs): these are business applications like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for manufacturers, Electronic Medical Records (EMR) for healthcare...