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    Expedient + Microsoft Azure – Multi-Cloud in Action

    This post is part of our Microsoft in a Multi-Cloud World series. Read the rest. Cloud computing has radically transformed the way products and services are conceived and delivered. It’s revolutionized the way we work and the speed at which we do business. Organizations flock to the cloud model for a...

    Expedient + Azure Cloud

    5 Critical Factors to Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

    This post is part of our Microsoft in a Multi-Cloud World series. Read the rest. Businesses today face a massive challenge in managing the expansive IT environments that have been pieced together over decades by various teams. In an effort to untangle this web, IT has tried everything from public and...

    Expedient + Azure Cloud

    The Digital Transformation Balancing Act

    This post is part of our Microsoft in a Multi-Cloud World series. Read the rest. Complexity can derail any transformation effort because, while the benefits are dramatic, the process is nuanced and unforgiving. This is especially true when it comes to cloud where companies often fail to realize that success is...

    Expedient + Azure Cloud

    Demystifying Ransomware: Securing Endpoint Devices

    This post is part of our Demystifying Ransomware series. Read the rest. The headlines just keep piling up! In the past few weeks, we’ve seen ransomware attacks continue to wreak havoc on supply chains and disrupt services. The latest round of casualties includes JBS, the world’s largest processor of fresh beef and pork,...

    Demystifying Ransomware Disaster Recovery

    Getting Your Spiraling Cloud Costs Back Under Control

    A day of reckoning appears to be at hand over public cloud spending. The promise and exuberance of cloud computing have given way to disillusionment and a “hangover” of epic proportions over managing costs. A recent post by Martin Casado and Sarah Wang at Andreessen Horowitz provides some very interesting insights into cloud spending habits from 50 public...


    Demystifying Ransomware: Anatomy of an Attack

    This post is part of our Demystifying Ransomware series. Read the rest. Ransomware attacks have become so common that it’s no longer a matter of how many cyberattacks happen per day — that metric is now measured in seconds. A new company will be hit by a ransomware attack Read Article

    Demystifying Ransomware Disaster Recovery

    Expedient Bests AWS, Azure, and GCP in Benchmarking Study

    This month, Cloud Spectator, a benchmarking agency focused on cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), released their 2021 Cloud Performance Analysis. This report explored how 4 key cloud providers﹣AWS, Azure, GCP, and Expedient﹣stack up, by evaluating the CPU, Storage, and Database performance across multiple VM configurations. I am excited to share that the Expedient Enterprise Cloud was measured as the best value of...


    Are You Chasing Cloud Technology or Cloud Value?

    In 2020, Accenture conducted a survey that found only 37% of companies feel they are “achieving the full value expected on their cloud investments.” At the same time, Flexera found that 47% of companies expected their cloud budgets to grow over the next year. These companies are not seeing the value in...

    The Cloud Is Not A Destination, It’s An Approach

    “Just move it all to the cloud” is a message that many hyperscale providers have been pushing and promoting over the years. And many a corporate board has pushed the same to their CIO and respective IT leadership team. The promise and value proposition for cloud computing is seemingly simple and direct—move from a Capital Expenditures (CapEx) to an Operating...


    Multiple Clouds Too Complex? Try Cloud Simplified.

    If you have been with us over the last few weeks, you know that we have been asking you to Cloud Different, with the three key elements of Cloud Different being to Cloud Smarter, Read Article


    Coming to Grips with Multi-Cloud Security

    Security is top of mind these days. Every few weeks we hear about another new incident that has ended up costing millions and forever damaging a company’s reputation. Data breaches, ransomware, DDoS attacks, and ongoing cybersecurity threats are not only escalating but also becoming more costly. A recent report from the Ponemon Institute has the average...

    Security and Compliance