Data Protection

How Important is Your Data?

Pretty important, right? Which is why protecting your data is a crucial function of IT. The loss of customer data, proprietary product information, or even day-to-day communications like email or chat, due to ransomware, hardware failures, accidental deletion, or other causes, can harm business continuity, revenue, and even reputation. Just setting up backups to minimize such risks comes with its own challenges.

Why do so many organizations struggle with keeping backups?

Challenges of Backups

They're difficult to configure
They're complicated to maintain
They're easy to overlook

Questions to Answer

What should be saved?
How long should you save it for? Where should you save it?
How can you remember to run them?

Best case scenario: you never have to use your backups

How often does the best case scenario happen?

Backups provide a safety net in the event of data loss. Good data protection plans should utilize a 3-2-1 methodology: keep three copies of your data, two of which are backups, and one of which is off-site. So your production data is backed up on-site, where it can be easily accessed if necessary. Then, a second copy of your backups is stored off-site, at another location or in a data center, where it can be accessed should you lose connectivity or access to the original two copies.

Backup your SaaS, too!

Emails, files and communication is some of the most critical data in an organization and ensuring availability in the event of deletion, whether maliciously or accidentally needs to be considered as part of an overall data protection solution. Microsoft will only handle deleted data for 30 days and after that it’s gone. For compliance and long term handling of Office 365 data, that solution must come from outside of Microsoft.

Cloud Data Protection

Focus on what data to back up or restore and not on managing and maintaining the platform. As part of the service, Expedient will handle patching, capacity management and maintenance as well as provide assistance with backup configuration and restoring data.

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I had a partner that I knew had my back, that I knew I could really trust 100%.

Pankaj Singh, Chief Technology Officer at National Auto Care

From Hacked to Back in 48 Hours

Less than 48 hours after a ransomware attack disabled network access, Pankaj Singh and his team at National Auto Care were back up and running. AJ Kuftic sat down with him to discuss the lessons he learned, the changes they made moving forward, and how his partnership with Expedient was critical to minimizing the impact this incident had on the business.

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Nothing is more important than your data and nothing feels worse than when it gets deleted by accident. Learn how Expedient’s Cloud Data Protection platform can protect your data and get you back up and running faster.

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