Identify Attackers Before They Strike

With cyberattacks happening more often and workloads running beyond your data center, it becomes a massive challenge to monitor and alert your organization to ongoing threats. Logs confined to different platforms make getting the whole view of your environment nearly impossible. Attackers use this gap to breach your network and gain a foothold without your knowledge until it’s too late.

Expedient Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) brings your logs and security monitoring into one platform to give you a 360-degree view of your attack surface and help you stop a breach before it occurs.


Centralized Logging
A one-stop security shop for infrastructure and application log analysis

Integrated case management
Distribute work to your team and track progress in one location

Anomaly Detection
Discover changes in your environment using machine learning (ML)

Access to Security Data
Pull in security data from Windows, Linux, IIS, Apache, AWS, Azure, Zoom, and more

Easy-to-Use Dashboards
Visualize your security posture with easy to understand and simple dashboards

Alert Integrations
Monitor vulnerable actions like public S3 bucket creation and shared account activity

Tight Integration
Expedient Observability, Endpoint Security, and OS Monitoring work seamlessly to provide end-to-end security

Best Practice Analysis
Monitor vulnerable actions like public S3 bucket creation and shared account activity

Threat Hunting
Target suspected time of attack and dive deeper to uncover impacts

Automatic Log Parsing
See threats in your platforms’ native logs without manual parsing

Protection Against Intruders

Protecting your workloads requires a multi-layer approach to security. On top of frontline protection and backups for recovery, proactive detection is now crucial to minimizing the effects of an attack. With Expedient SIEM, you can centralize all your security monitoring to one location, get deeper insights across all of your workloads, and drive actionable alerts when you need them. Detecting anomalies earlier can help you respond faster and get your recovery rolling before an attack takes a deep hold. It’s time for a more modern approach to security. Are you ready?

Single, Consistent View
View security threats across all of your environments, from on-premises to enterprise and hyperscale clouds

Protective Threat Monitoring
Find threats before the attack happens, not after

Actionable Data
Use existing logs for both performance and security monitoring

Fully Managed
Focus on protecting your workloads, not maintaining the platform

24×7 support. We’re here to help you when you need it

Security and Compliance

Easy-to-use and Powerful
Impactful data visualization with powerful keyword based search

Start small and grow as you expand your visibility

Cost Effective
Only pay for what you use with a predictable monthly cost