Ransomware isn’t going anywhere. Be prepared.

Ransomware attacks have become so common that it’s only a matter of time before cybercriminals target your organization. The end goal of an attacker is simple—prevent you from accessing your mission critical data and systems and then demand payment to restore access. Losing access to your data and IT systems means losing control of your business. Your entire business can grind to a complete halt in hours. Are you prepared?

Protecting against a ransomware attack requires a multifaceted defense strategy that covers and supports multiple layers of infrastructure. Each layer of infrastructure requires its own unique level of protection — endpoint, server, and network, along with backup and disaster recovery.

Bring Your Data Closer to Your Workloads Without the Headaches

By bringing file services as close to your users as possible, Expedient Cloud File Storage gives them an upgrade in user experience and allows them to be more productive. Legacy file service platforms require heavy up-lifts to grow, but Expedient Cloud File Storage enables you to grow granularly and meet the needs of your business without the hassle of hardware upgrades. Additionally, you can enable your users and applications to get the best file service performance possible without creating a massive support burden.

Local Access
Regardless of where your users or applications are, access your data locally

Manage your file storage on-premises, in Expedient Enterprise Cloud, or in a hyperscale cloud with one interface and skill set

Only cache data that’s actually used and save replication bandwidth costs

24×7 OSC support. We’re here to help you when you need it

Security and Compliance

Easy-to-use, but Powerful
Simple management to create shares and permissions

Grow as your needs expand

Cost Effective
Only pay for what you use with a predictable monthly cost