Add Endpoints, Remove Risk

Prevent Malware at the Point of Entry, Wherever That May Be

Endpoint risks are increasing across the enterprise, especially considering the explosive growth of IoT and the new distributed workforce. All of these devices increase the risk of exposure to malware and increase the attack vector surface. Where typical endpoint security solutions only look at signatures and then take pre-defined steps, more frequent ransomware attacks and more sophisticated bad actors and attack methods necessitate the need for behavioral analytics.

With file-based malware prevention, kernel behavioral protections, and post-compromise adversary tradecraft protection, Expedient Endpoint Security provides a hybrid approach to endpoint security and reduces the opportunity for bad actors to reach their objective.


Malware Prevention
Leverage machine learning to block unknown threats, malware, and ransomware before execution

Deep integration with Expedient SIEM, 3rd party tools and notifications

Higher Visibility Alerting
Gain deep data visibility with kernel-level data collection to power detection rules and machine learning functionality

Unified management and multi-site availability through one interface

Multi-Platform Protection
Protect your Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoints with one solution

Reduced Resource Overhead
Increased protection with efficient use of endpoint CPU resources

Faster Hunting and Response
Accelerate investigations and improve incident resolution efficacy by examining host-based activity in a single pane of glass

Multi-Cloud Solutions
Utilize across on-premises, hyperscale, and Expedient environments

Extended Detection and Response (EDR) with Next-Generation Behavioral Analytics

Leveraging a low-overhead, agent-based solution, Expedient Endpoint Security is a powerful combination of EDR and security analytics platform. Expedient Endpoint Security takes action on both defined behaviors and threats based on signatures and undefined, abnormal behaviors using threat intelligence to protect your users and your enterprise.

Malware Protection
Stop malicious programs before they have a chance to spread through your environment

Simplify Your Security
Protect your end user, datacenter, and cloud workloads with one consistent platform

Secure Your Workforce
Defend your endpoints regardless of whether they’re on your network or not

Multiple Defenses
With file-based and behavior-based protection, you’re covered against both known and unknown attacks

24×7 support. We’re here to help you when you need it

Security and Compliance

Easy-to-use and Powerful
Simple deployment and user- friendly interface to track threats

Scale quickly and grow as you expand your footprint

Cost Effective
Only pay for what you use with a predictable monthly cost