Observability. All the Time.

Identify and Solve Problems Before They Happen

Logging and monitoring activities across different tools in your environment is often a fragmented process, which makes finding problems a time-consuming and tedious task. Networks, servers, endpoints, and applications are often running through entirely different user interfaces that require separate expertise, and this can lead to longer troubleshooting times during outages. And that leads us to another issue – most monitoring tools are reactive or even forensic in their application. Businesses need the right tools to monitor, analyze, report and troubleshoot to optimize IT infrastructure usage across multi-cloud environments.

Elastic as a Service is a fully managed platform to unify logging and evolve your analytics. With centralized monitoring, reporting and analysis, and leveraging up to 100 different metrics from every server, every 10 seconds, these real-time reporting and analytics capabilities provide deep visibility and transparency into performance and reliability.


Unified Alerting
Easy notification and escalation of possible problems from troubleshooting

Simple Integration
Rely on a single agent to capture different types of data, including audits, uptime, and network traffic

Unified Metrics
Pull data from anything in your environment: systems, networks, and applications, into one dashboard

Built to Communicate
Every feature is consumable via API to integrate into your workflows

Customizable Visibility
Use Kibana to build visualizations that are simple and intuitive to use

Broad integration from your existing platforms including .NET, Python, Java, JavaScript, and hundreds more

Multi-Cloud Support
Monitor your workloads wherever they are, on-premises, with Expedient, or in hyperscale providers

Get Notified
With integrations to ServiceNow, Slack and the ability to use webhooks and email, you can be notified when issues arise in the exact manner you need

Gain Complete Visibility and Transparency Across All Your Cloud Environments

Elastic as a Service from Expedient allows you to bring your application logs into a centralized location, then analyze the data (with visualizations!) and become proactive instead of reactive. This multi-cloud platform is built for speed, scale, and availability to ensure that you’re always one step ahead of potential issues in your environment.

Centralized Observability
Visualize and analyze your entire environment, no matter where your workloads live, in one place

Proactive Problem Solving
Uncover performance patterns with your applications and respond with solutions before it impacts your end users – not after

Integrated Solutions
Compatible with other Expedient solutions, including Endpoint Security, Multi-Cloud Firewall, and OperationsCTRL

Fully Managed Platform
We’ll take care of upkeep and maintenance so you can focus on your availability and performance

Unified Troubleshooting
With your application and infrastructure monitoring in the same place, you can correlate data with events faster

Easy-to-use and Powerful
High-performance, full-featured text search engine with intuitive data visualization

24×7 support. We’re here to help you when you need it

Cost Effective
Only pay for what you use with a predictable monthly cost

Security and Compliance