Work From Everywhere With File Storage Anywhere

Eliminate Upkeep, Expand Access

Work has become more distributed and with that comes the massive challenge of storing data that's accessible from more places. File servers are single points of failure and file server clusters add more complexity to support without increasing uptime. Cloud-based storage can be effective for individuals, but an entire organization requires more than shared links and disorganized folders.

With Expedient Cloud File Storage, eliminate the overhead of managing and maintaining the servers, storage array, and all the other elements that make up your file storage platform without changing the way your users store their most critical data.


Deploy Anywhere
Deploy on-premises, into remote branches, or into a cloud to access your files from anywhere

Fully Managed
Filers are patched and maintained by Expedient so you can focus on more valuable tasks

Highly Available
Deploy as many filers as you need to meet your high availability requirements without the confusing configuration of legacy file server platforms

SMB and NFS Support
With support for SMBv2, SMBv3 and NFSv3, your users and applications can access the same filesystems, enhancing productivity

Local Access, Global File System
Backed by Expedient Cloud Object Storage, you can access your most used data locally while retrieving from the full storage globally

Encrypted End-to-end
Know that your data is safe between the filers and Expedient Cloud Object Storage with in-flight encryption and data-at-rest encryption when used inside Expedient Enterprise cloud

SSD Caching
Access your most used files faster with SSD caching to eliminate loadtime

Active Directory Integration
Use your existing groups and users to create consistent security across your filers

Bring Your Data Closer to Your Workloads Without the Headaches

By bringing file services as close to your users as possible, Expedient Cloud File Storage gives them an upgrade in user experience and allows them to be more productive. Legacy file service platforms require heavy up-lifts to grow, but Expedient Cloud File Storage enables you to grow granularly and meet the needs of your business without the hassle of hardware upgrades. Additionally, you can enable your users and applications to get the best file service performance possible without creating a massive support burden.

Local Access
Regardless of where your users or applications are, access your data locally

Manage your file storage on-premises, in Expedient Enterprise Cloud, or in a hyperscale cloud with one interface and skill set

Only cache data that’s actually used and save replication bandwidth costs

24×7 support. We’re here to help you when you need it

Security and Compliance

Easy-to-use and Powerful
Simple management to create shares and permissions

Grow as your needs expand

Cost Effective
Only pay for what you use with a predictable monthly cost