Disk Raid and IOPS Calculator

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Do you know how many Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS) your RAID configuration is going to produce? Are you trying to calculate how much usable storage you are going to net from different RAID configurations? Use this calcualtor to help properly size your environment.


*Assumes NO Hot Spares
*SSD IOPS Is An Estimate Due to SSD/NAND Performance Differences


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Features RAID 1+0 RAID 6 RAID 5
Minimum # of Drives 4 4 3
Data Protection Up to one drive failure in each sub-array Two drive failure Single drive failure
Read Performance High High High
Write Performance Medium Low Low
Read Performance (Degraded) High Low Low
Write Performance (Degraded) High Low Low
Capacity Utilization 50% 50% - 88% 67% - 94%
Typical Applications Fast Databases, Application Servers Data Archive, Backup to Disk, High Availability Solutions, Web Servers, Servers With Large Capacity Requirements Data Warehousing, Web Serving, Archiving
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