Raising the Bar

SOS Technology Group Adopts Expedient Enterprise Cloud to Elevate its Business

"Expedient Enterprise Cloud enables us to provide our clients with a cloud-like experience that isn't outside of their comfort zone. With Expedient, we can deliver all of the core benefits of the cloud to our clients at a predictable monthly cost."
- Harel Turkel, Founder and CEO, SOS Technology Group
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Market Opportunity

Transform Into a Provider of Turnkey Managed Cloud Services

When Harel Turkel founded SOS Technology Group in 2004, the company relied on the sales of IT hardware, software licenses, and support contracts for much of its revenue. As the world of IT services has shifted heavily in favor of cloud-based, as-a-service models in recent years, SOS was forced to reevaluate its business strategy.

The Scenario

With the focus of the business shifting to providing fully managed IT solutions to clients, infrastructure reliability became an acute pain point for SOS. To deliver the highly available, turnkey IT solutions its clients expected, SOS needed redundant server infrastructure that wouldn't fail.

The Challenge

The pivot to a service-oriented model also introduced management complexity into the equation for SOS. Managing and provisioning small clusters of client servers scattered around the country was inefficient and not cost-effective. Turkel needed to streamline this process and provide the level of security and system auditability his clients demanded.

The Solution

Turkel highlighted EEC's single-pane-of-glass management dashboard, the flexibility to spin up new cloud resources to meet client demands quickly, and the ability to roll out top-level group security policies to all client environments simultaneously as key features that have enabled SOS to successfully and quickly migrate clients and streamline management of their environments.

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