The Perfect Match

Softlinx's unwillingness to compromise on performance finds ideal partner with Expedient

"We have been growing very fast. As a result, we talked to at least half a dozen big providers, as big as Amazon and Microsoft, and then small ones and the local ones; Expedient met all of our requirements as they were the perfect mix of scale and personal touch."
- Dr. Hikyu Lee, President and CEO of Softlinx Inc.
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Market Opportunity

Support Growth Trajectory with Top-Notch IT Infrastructure

Softlinx, a provider of HIPAA-compliant cloud-based fax services and enterprise fax solutions, needed a colocation and hosting provider that offered guaranteed uptime, had a nationwide presence but with a local data center, and offered compliance support for healthcare and financial industries, all at an affordable price point.

The Scenario

For Softlinx, value was important. The company needed a full-service provider that offered solid solutions with guaranteed performance but without breaking the bank.

The Challenge

With the majority of Softlinx customers being in the healthcare or financial industries, the company has to be compliant with HIPAA and PCI-DSS. Finding a provider that was ready and able to complement Softlinx's efforts to complete successful audit reports pursuant to regulations was necessary.

The Solution

In the two years that Softlinx has partnered with Expedient, the company has found that it can depend on Expedient to meet any needs, now and in the future. [Softlinx] is looking to enhance disaster recovery capabilities, increase storage and bandwidth, and introduce additional application services relying on the scalability and guaranteed uptime of Expedient's products and services.

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