Skip Architecting – Start Using VMware Horizon with Expedient Enterprise Workspace

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is a wonderfully difficult problem to solve. You have back-end infrastructure, front-end brokers, load balancers, file servers, and more just to get to the starting line. What if you could skip all of that? Instead of spending all your time building and architecting, what if you could jump directly to deploying desktops immediately? Expedient Enterprise Workspace, powered by VMware Horizon DaaS, accelerates your virtual desktop journey by providing desktop infrastructure as a service.

This session will cover how we deliver a desktop infrastructure as a service, what it can do for your digital transformation, and how VMware Cloud Provider partners like Expedient can deliver the cloud desktop platform and workforce enablement you’ve been looking for.

Ivo Murris, Sr Product Manager, VMware
Gabe Knuth, Sr. Product Line Marketing Manager, VMware
Anthony Jackman, Director of Solutions & Chief Technologist, Expedient
AJ Kuftic, Digital Product Strategist, Expedient

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