Partnerships to Drive Growth

CareWorks Tech and Expedient Collaborate to Bring Comprehensive IT Infrastructure and Managed Services Solutions to Central Ohio and Beyond

"It's been a great partnership... due to the transparency of both organizations and our high level of communication, we can attend meetings and know that we both have the clients best interests in mind."
- Brian Davis, Director of Infrastructure Services, CareWorks Tech
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Market Opportunity

Help Clients Realize Strategic IT Goals

Operating as a client advocate, the team at CareWorks Tech utilizes their expertise in IT Consulting, Infrastructure Services and Enterprise Service Management to craft proven solutions that are tailored to the client’s strategic goals.

The Scenario

For CareWorks Tech, who wanted to get out of data center management but still needed to provide cloud and colocation services to its customers, it was imperative to find a partner with demonstrated excellence in those core infrastructure competencies.

The Challenge

Should CareWorks Tech continue to invest time and resources in data center management, or instead refocus on its core managed services and free up resources to drive increased revenues for the business by becoming trusted advisors and consultants to existing customers and potential clients?

The Solution

Now CareWorks Tech and Expedient can go to market in Central Ohio and beyond with complementary, and comprehensive IT infrastructure and managed services solutions with CareWorks Tech focusing on managing IT services for its customers and Expedient powering the infrastructure underneath those services when necessary.

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