Phoenix Services, LLC

Using the Cloud to Provide World-Class Services and Sustainable Solutions to the Global Steel Industry

"Server maintenance is a huge time sink. With Expedient, this is no longer an issue, which is a huge time and cost savings for me and my team."
- Stephen McBride, Director of Information Technology for Americas, Phoenix Services, LLC
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Market Opportunity

Implement scalable IT systems to support global expansion

Every day, at 35 steel mills across five continents, field technicians for Phoenix Services, LLC operate heavy machinery and handle the essential tasks that keep production lines running smoothly and safely. As a global provider of industrial services, Phoenix Services relies heavily on IT solutions to manage on-the-ground processes and deliver the technology and human resources its clients rely on.

The Scenario

Needing to support its continued international growth, Phoenix Services reached out to its long-time Sage solution provider, RKL eSolutions, to for an IaaS vendor recommendation. Based on its past experiences, RKL was confident that Expedient would meet the Hybrid IT needs of its client.

The Challenge

Seeking to gain IT resilience and free up its small IT team to focus on strategic projects, Phoenix began exploring hosted infrastructure solutions.

The Solution

The strategic relationships with RKL eSolutions and Expedient act as force multipliers for Phoenix Services - the company can support 650 users spread across the globe with a small team of just five in-house IT professionals.

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