Hybrid IT for Ultimate Flexibility

TIC Gums Uses Expedient's On-Site Private Cloud to Ensure Food Quality and Consistency for the Nation's Leading Consumer Packaged Goods Companies

"I wanted to offload day-to-day functions, like patching and backing up servers. This allows us to stay focused on the critical business projects that we know will be coming."
- Brian Hensley, Director of IT, TIC Gums
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Market Opportunity

Leverage Science to Improve Foods and Beverages

Customer service, high quality standards, and a team of “Gum Gurus” – food scientists who understand the properties and synergies of hydrocolloids at the molecular level and how to apply them to add value to foods and beverages -- have made TIC Gums an industry leader for more than 100 years.

The Scenario

Two big considerations for Hensley and his team were technology lock-in and cost control. Like many organizations, TIC Gums was faced with an aging infrastructure that required hardware refresh and software upgrades.

The Challenge

When Hensley joined TIC Gums as Director of IT in 2015, he discovered some underlying challenges including IT infrastructure that comingled applications, limited capacity for systems to scale, and a struggle with resource and capacity allocation for test environments.

The Solution

To ensure continuous operations for TIC Gums during what was proving to be an involved project to modernize its IT infrastructure, Expedient designed a solution to “lift and shift” existing workloads to a private cloud point of delivery (POD) installed and managed at their location by Expedient.

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