IT Resilience at the Push of a Button

Shapiro Delivers Imports and Exports Around the World with Expedient’s Infrastructure and Disaster Recovery Solutions

"Some of the things we dreamed with the cloud have come true. My team doesn't have to manage hardware service contracts anymore, we don't have to worry about upgrades."
- Bob Kimmel, Director of Information Technology, Shapiro
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Market Opportunity

Deliver Innovative Customs Solutions on a Global Scale

For more than 100 years, Shapiro has been developing innovative supply chain and customs brokerage solutions for organizations ranging from traditional commercial importers and exporters in the retail, pharmaceutical, consumer goods, and commodities industries to online sellers importing and exporting through third-party fulfillment services. Among Shapiro's key differentiators are its commitment to customs compliance, its tailored operating procedures, its in-house IT team team - which has developed and maintains the best-of-breed Shapiro 360 business intelligence application - and the direct access all Shapiro customers have to company owner Margie Shapiro, whose commitment to technology infrastructure investment has set Shapiro apart in a rapidly changing industry.

The Scenario

Shapiro's in-house IT team had been managing its own data centers, which was a drain on bandwidth and resources, especially as the team is also responsible for the development, management, and continued optimization of Shapiro 360°, which handles a large majority of day-to-day functions for the company.

The Challenge

In addition to a private cloud solution, Shapiro also needed a robust, one-touch disaster recovery solution – preferably in a shared consumption model for cost-efficiency – and a compliance-forward solutions provider who was mindful of data security and dedicated to staying ahead of evolving government and industry compliance regulations.

The Solution

Expedient’s Push Button DR solution did something no other provider could offer: complete network failover at the push of a button, without any IP or DNS changes. This was possible thanks to Expedient’s use of VMware NSX to create a software-defined networking layer between geographically diverse production and backup sites.

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