Stable, Secure, and HIPAA-Compliant IT Infrastructure

MedCom Solutions Improves Healthcare Provider Revenue with Expedient Infrastructure as a Service

"The availability, the scalability, and the customer service we were able to receive from [Expedient] is really great."
Ziwei Yi, Director of Data and Technologies, MedCom Solutions
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Market Opportunity

Provide Integrated Technology Solutions to Hospitals

Hospitals, doctors and medical offices that want to focus on providing optimal healthcare for their patients rely on MedCom Solutions to handle their technology needs. MedCom Solutions is a full-service consulting and software technology company that offers integrated solutions for hospital billing and pricing needs and has a consulting staff of coding, finance and Medicare compliance experts who have extensive knowledge in programming, software development, large hospital IT systems and web- based technologies.

The Scenario

To deliver its software solutions to healthcare professionals, MedCom must have a reliable IT infrastructure that is compliant with stringent HIPAA standards and can scale with the company as size and capacity needs increase.

The Challenge

MedCom also required a full-scale solution that could be managed by its hosting provider so that its focused in-house staff did not have to oversee the day-to-day IT environment.

The Solution

As the company expands and seeks to further define its niche in the healthcare IT consulting industry, it will need to rely heavily upon [Expedient] to scale with it and help MedCom respond to an evolving landscape of technology and compliance needs.

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