High Availability, Absolute Data Protection

Expedient’s Reliable Infrastructure Enables First Insight to Help Retailers Pick Products that Deliver Profits

Right now, I view [Expedient] as one of our go-to partners. You're dependable. You've got technological flexibility, and I find Expedient to be very responsive whenever I need anything.
- John Santore, Manager of Hosting Operations, First Insight

Market Opportunity

Market Opportunity

Retailers are always on the hunt for the “next big thing” or the on-trend product that will really resonate with customers. First Insight, a cloud-based technology company, helps many retailers with this quest through its predictive analytics software as a service. First Insight engages with consumers to glean insights about new products that brands and retailers are considering putting on the shelf or online.

The Scenario

With thousands of new data points entering and exiting their systems on a daily basis, First Insight depends on Expedient to keep that data accessible and secure at all times.

The Challenge

First Insight is growing in size, scope, reach and revenue. Also included in that growth is new software, new products and new customers. All of which will require more compute capacity.

The Solution

Expedient allows First Insight to scale its infrastructure without missing a beat and to meet the needs of its retailer customers by connecting with consumers through its software products.

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