Putting IT in the hands of Experts

Expedient Helps Elite Services Provide Results-Driven Business Communication Solutions to Customers

"The bottom line is trying to get those scary tasks of handling data securely and making sure that you're appropriately scaled to do that kind of work, and handing that off to Expedient gives us the peace of mind so we don't have to worry about that on a day-to-day basis."
- Gary Watson, President & CEO, Elite Services
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Market Opportunity

Maintain Growth Trajectory and Meet the Needs of Larger Clients

Elite Services has expanded rapidly over the past few years, and to continue its growth trajectory - and meet the needs of larger and more sophisticated clients - it needs an IT partner it can trust.

The Scenario

In order to offer the best experience, Elite must stay focused on improving its practices on a daily basis, so the company relies on Expedient to handle all of its day-to-day IT functions.

The Challenge

The nature of Elite's business has it competing against much larger corporations for customers, so while it can offer the same services with a more personal touch, it must be able to prove to potential customers that it can compete with the "big boys" on technology and service.

The Solution

"We want to continue to gain more market share and to advance technically, from a software development standpoint, so we will need Expedient from a scalability standpoint so as we grow, we just order more resources," Watson said.

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