IT Uptime is Where the Rubber Meets the Road!

Dunlap and Kyle Tire Company maximizes the uptime and performance of its mission-critical applications with IaaS and DRaaS from Expedient

Because of our cloud and DR solution with Expedient, our ability to meet customer demand and grow the various aspects of our business has noticeably increased.
- Stuart Hill, CIO, Dunlap and Kyle Company

Market Opportunity

Market Opportunity

Dunlap and Kyle Company, Inc. is a leading wholesale and retail tire dealer doing business as Gateway Tire & Service Center, with 70 locations (52 retail and 18 wholesale distribution centers) in nine states spanning from the Ohio/Pennsylvania border to the Rio Grande in Texas.

The Scenario

Dunlap and Kyle relies upon a small internal IT staff to keep both its retail and wholesale distribution businesses up and running. Before migrating its production environment to Expedient, the company supported the IT needs of its employees and various locations with centralized IT infrastructure hosted at its headquarters.

The Challenge

While Dunlap and Kyle had implemented a DIY disaster recovery solution to protect its IT environment, the centralized nature of its legacy RS/6000-based system left the company vulnerable to IT downtime.

The Solution

While Hill was originally going to enlist Expedient only as a colocation provider for the company’s new DR infrastructure, he decided to migrate Dunlap and Kyle’s entire production environment to Expedient’s cloud and then use a second Expedient site as the replication target for failover.

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