Building a Community with enterprise-grade IT Infrastructure

Columbus Metropolitan Library Keeps the Community Connected with Expedient's Infrastructure as a Service and Disaster Recovery Solutions

"It really felt like we pushed a button and our environment was moved. I would just shake my head in disbelief that it happened."
- Burton Bardus, Senior Director of Information Technology, Columbus Metropolitan Library
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Market Opportunity

Serve as a Community Hub for Central Ohio

Columbus Metropolitan Library (CML) began operating in 1873 and is one of the most-used library systems in the country. CML strives to inspire reading, share resources, and connect people through its numerous programs and services. More than 650,000 cardholders rely on one of CML’s 23 locations for resources, including its collection of books and other materials.

The Scenario

Columbus Metropolitan Library’s Information Technology team, led by Senior Director of IT, Burton Bardus, knew it was time for some changes. The library’s infrastructure, including its entire production environment, was in-house at the library data center and approaching end-of-life.

The Challenge

CML’s disaster recovery plan was outdated and hadn’t recently been put through the rigors of full testing, while the team lacked confidence in its ability to recover critical applications in the face of a disaster. And with more than 650,000 cardholders relying on CML for a variety of services and resources, it was imperative to find a stable solution for its undersized infrastructure and moderate disaster recovery plan.

The Solution

“We looked very briefly at a rebuild, but there were a lot of things that made sense about moving to the cloud,” said Bardus. “We were able to expand everything we were doing with the Expedient partnership, including having a retention policy in place that allowed our files to be backed up while expanding what we were putting in our storage environment by moving to a disk-based backup solution.”

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