A Blueprint for Getting Cloud Migrations Right! Expedient Cloud Luminary Series with 451 Research's Melanie Posey & Liam Eagle [Webinar Replay]

Cloud is the foundational technology that enables the benefits so many organizations are striving for in their digital transformation. Melanie Posey and Liam Eagle, cloud analysts at 451 Research, have spoken with thousands of organizations at various points throughout their cloud journey over the past decade. If there’s one thing that’s reinforced in each of those conversations, it’s that each organization has unique needs and circumstances that influence their path. In order to be successful, there are variables to consider before beginning your migration. Watch to find out:

  • Which factors to consider before you begin evaluating specific technologies and providers
  • How the evolution of cloud in recent years has led to more nuanced migration strategies
  • How specific workloads and applications impact cloud decisions
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