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    Cloud Forecast: Looking to 2022 [Webinar Replay]

    Luminary Series featuring Bob Evans of CloudWars and Gene Torres from Zerto In March, we spoke to Bob Evans, creator of industry analyst site Cloud Wars, and Gene Torres, Technology Evangelist at Zerto, about the importance of a multi-cloud strategy and how to stay secure when your workloads are spread across on-prem, enterprise cloud, and hyperscale environments. We speak...


    Zero Trust Security: Verify by Design, Not Default

    Former Federal CIO Tony Scott has experience that spans not only the US government, but also Microsoft, VMware, and Disney, which means he’s had a front row seat for the evolution of not only the cyberattacks meant to cripple digital infrastructure but also the defenses against them over the past 20 years. Now as an advisor to ColorTokens, a leader...


    Skip Architecting – Start Using VMware Horizon with Expedient Enterprise Workspace

    Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is a wonderfully difficult problem to solve. You have back-end infrastructure, front-end brokers, load balancers, file servers, and more just to get to the starting line. What if you could skip all of that? Instead of spending all your time building and architecting, what if you could jump directly to deploying desktops immediately? Expedient Enterprise Workspace,...


    "Expedient Puts Desktop as a Service on a Stronger Footing"

    The latest analyst note from 451 Research celebrates Expedient Enterprise Workspace as a stronger Desktop as a Service option for companies looking to solidify their pandemic remote working solutions and address problems presented around data storage, compliance requirements, and maintenance and patching. The report reads, in part, “Earlier generations of desktop as a service packaged up...

    Introducing Expedient Micro-Segmentation with ColorTokens [Webinar Replay]

    Protecting your network is a top security priority, usually focused on the perimeter of the network. But that can’t be our only focus. What happens if something gets through the perimeter? How do we protect our workloads and users from threats moving around inside our network? With Expedient Micro-Segmentation, powered by ColorTokens, you can easily secure and compartmentalize your network...