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Virtual Colocation

The “Where” and “Why” of Choosing a Data Center location

Ed Dzurko
Read Time 4 min.

Choosing a Data Center Location When choosing to build a new data center, there are a multitude of factors that should be considered in the decision-making process. Establishing a fully redundant and secure data center requires a significant capital investment as well as a commitment to ongoing operational expenses for support, and maintenance. However, a key step in...

Data Center Tips: 4 Ways to Improve Data Availability

Devon Cole
Read Time 2 min.

Four ways to Improve Data Availability In today’s modern business landscape, your customers expect instant answers and immediate turn-around times. And, you cannot let things like remote locations and system interruptions prevent you from delivering. The following four tips offer insights on improving data availability, which will ultimately help you better deliver on your promises to your customers: •...