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Are you incentivizing the wrong IT behaviors?

Most of the C-Suite professionals I meet with these days have moved away from the old “IT as a cost center” talk and ...

Doug Theis
Doug Theis
5 min Read

Are your IT skill sets the best reason for selecting enterprise cloud infrastructure?

Most of the organizations we meet with tell us that their IT complexity continues to increase. Infrastructure teams t...

Doug Theis
Doug Theis
4 min Read

What's the problem with Do-It-Yourself Disaster Recovery?

For years, IT infrastructure teams have been designing, building, and maintaining a wide spectrum of disaster recover...

Doug Theis
Doug Theis
6 min Read

Key Takeaways from AWS re:Invent 2018

Nearly 50,000 technology professionals descended upon 6 convention centers in Las Vegas for this year’s AWS re:Invent...

Expedient Expands Managed Service Portfolio, Unveils Cloud File Storage

As data growth accelerates, finding smart and efficient ways to store, manage, access, and secure business-critical d...

AJ Kuftic
AJ Kuftic
2 min Read

With Push Button DR, Disaster Recovery Testing Doesn't Have to be a Four-letter Word

We all know that recovery planning for disasters is an important task for organizations of all sizes and industries. ...

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