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Data Centers

What are the Best Use Cases for the On Premises Data Center?

Doug Theis
Read Time 4 min.

What are the Best Use Cases for the On Premises Data Center? What are the practical use cases for an on premises (in-house) data center? When does it make sense to maintain hardware in a data center that is located in your office building or a leased office building? Here are the most common: Leveraging your on premises data...

On Premises IT Infrastructure and the Hidden Threat of Technology Lock-In

Doug Theis
Read Time 3 min.

Technology Lock-In - The “Hidden Threat” of On-premises IT Infrastructure Does your on premises IT infrastructure increase your risk of staying with a technology long after it provides value to your organization? Let’s look at a typical scenario. You’re a CIO or IT director that has finally secured funding for a disaster recovery project; something beyond the backup tapes...

A New Take on Cold Aisle Containment

Ed Dzurko
Read Time 3 min.

Thermal Containment System Energy efficiency is an area of concern for organizations concerned with cost control and environmental impact resulting from an expanding carbon footprint due to fossil consumption. No matter the reason, conserving energy is a good thing. Data center operators are no strangers to this area of concern. One way data centers manage energy consumption is to...

Data Center Trends: Shifting Workloads & Skillsets

AJ Kuftic
Read Time 3 min.

Data Center Trends: Shifting Workloads & Skillsets Technology is ever-changing. New advances are made all of the time and IT professionals have to enhance their skill sets to keep up with the technological changes. Included in the advancement is the traditional data center, which have adopted cloud computing, IaaS, colocation and more. In order to offer these newer technologies,...

Combat the Slow ROI of Green Data Centers

Steve Gruetter
Read Time 3 min.

The Green Data Center According to a recent TechTarget whitepaper, “Color Me Green: Money and Power in the Data Center,” it can take at least three years for a midsize or larger green data center to realize a return on its efficiency investment. Despite this lengthy time frame, a data center can make small, yet technologically innovative changes to...