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January 27, 2017 2 min Read

Desired Business Outcome

Keeping data safe and secure is important to any business, but when you are located in an area that is in the prime hurricane path, reliable backup service becomes an absolute must. When you operate a business located in a state with the likelihood for weather-related disasters, having a local data center may still be an option for your primary site but backing up or having a disaster recovery solution far enough away, becomes essential. You cannot be at risk of losing your primary and secondary site to the same incident.

An insurance company located in a state with a high propensity for natural disasters knew this and began looking for a practical disaster recovery (DR) solution in a different state, where its data could be protected from weather and other environmental-related events. The DR plan needed to enable 200 virtual desktops for the company’s agents that would allow them to remain productive. Expedient was the clear choice because of its expert knowledge and capability to deliver disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS). According to one of the decision-makers, “regarding the competition, you guys were clearly the experts and this weighed heavily in your favor from a decision standpoint. The way you guys went about explaining, proposing and discussing the solution with us set you apart from the competition in a significant way.”

To read more on why this Expedient proved to be the most reliable choice to partner with, read the entire Outcome Story.

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