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Bank Improves Performance with Hybrid IT Solution

Anthony Estelle

Desired Business Outcome

When a regional bank went through a restructuring that included downsizing its IT department and consolidating its data center to be more virtual-based, it needed to find a local IT hosting provider that could help with its continued virtualization and house its last remaining cabinets rather than pursuing construction of a new, smaller data center as a result of a planned office relocation. Keeping its data hosted locally was an important consideration as long as it could also establish a functional disaster recovery plan.

After vetting multiple local providers, Expedient stood out in part because of its Push Button DR solution and its private connection to its 10 other geographically diverse data centers. The financial strength of Expedient was another important factor in the bank’s decision because it wanted to extend its differentiator as a well-capitalized local institution. To read more on why this regional bank chose Expedient and how we were able to meet all of its needs, read the entire Outcome Story.

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