Expedient Delivers the Capacity, Service and Reliability that Omnyx Needs to Help Transform Cancer Care

September 21, 2016 2 min Read

Desired Business Outcome

For the past eight years, Omnyx, a joint venture between GE Healthcare and UPMC that is committed to helping transform cancer care through advances in digital pathology, has relied on Expedient to deliver high availability, scalability and reliability of its information technology (IT) infrastructure so it can remain focused on its critical life-saving mission.

“The cost of maintaining production-ready data center infrastructure – redundant power, proper fire suppression and multi-honed backbone connectivity – for a company of our size would be daunting,” says Kirk Howard, Director of IT for Omnyx. “Expedient provides an enterprise-class data center staffed 24/7/365 allowing smaller organizations to enjoy the same resources a larger enterprise would. We feel confident our production servers will be available and our critical data backed up and secure thanks to the Expedient team. Expedient is our critical IT business partner. Our main IT infrastructure and network traffic touches Expedient’s network. The rock-solid reliability allows us to maintain a highly effective team at Omnyx.”

For more information on how Omnyx relies on the expert team at Expedient, read the case study here.

Jonathan Rosenson Jonathan Rosenson

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