Disaster Recovery as a Service Improved with VMware NSX

September 13, 2016 2 min Read

Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) has really expanded in popularity over the last couple of years due to the growth of virtualization as a standard process for many enterprises and the fact that most managed service providers have a DRaaS product in their offerings. But according to a new research paper by 451 Research, it is Expedient that has changed the game and significantly improved DRaaS.

Expedient’s Push Button DR 2.0 DRaaS solution removes the manual process of failing over an IT environment from one network to a different network in a separate location by using VMware’s NSX.  The second location can be either an Expedient data center or an external location, such as a customer’s in-house data center.

Push Button DR 2.0 allows for a fully virtualized connection from site to site and eliminates the need to switch networks and update DNS records completely, meaning all network functions will experience no disruption except for the pause in traffic during the spin-up of remote instances in a failover scenario. This is a notable improvement to the usual process. Expedient’s solution also allows for some applications – those without a lot of data – to come back up in minutes rather than hours. For more on the research conducted by 451 Research, download the full report.

To view the Expedient solution in action or for more information on Push Button DR 2.0, click here. Or to view the recent webinar, moderated by Carl Brooks, an analyst of service providers at 451 Research, in which AJ Kuftic, vice president of product strategy for Expedient, and Shishir Agrawal, senior manager of product management at Juniper Networks, review how software-defined networking (SDN) is ensuring that replicated workloads are protected exactly the same in both primary and secondary sites.

As Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Jonathan Rosenson is responsible for overseeing organizational functions that drive growth at Expedient. Jon additionally acts as an external spokesperson conveying the Expedient story. Follow him on Twitter.

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