4 Ways to Ensure your Business is Always On

April 21, 2016 2 min Read

Is Your Business “Always On”?

Is your business “always on”? Does it require 100% availability and persistent access to data? These requirements have become a standard expectation as users demand 24x7x365 access to their IT environment and applications. Businesses in the era of always on cannot afford to slow down or stop applications for backup, maintenance or the restore process because customers need to access their applications anytime, anywhere. So to ensure your business is always on, there are four steps you should take.

  1. Validate your backup – You should be able to run reports that prove the completion of the backup process and its accuracy for internal quality control and compliance.
  2. Restore rapidly – Work to implement a rapid restore of the application as well as the data. Take into consideration your available bandwidth if you are restoring from a cloud or remote site.
  3. Test your DR plan – Run through a full disaster recovery scenario in real time. You must test to know if you are lacking in any area. Try to conduct this test at the best time possible for your business.
  4. Protect the performance of your application at all times (even during DR testing, restore or actual disaster) – Protecting application availability during data protection operations (maintenance, testing, etc.) requires a high-performance and non-obtrusive process.

Expedient offers a 100% uptime SLA guarantee. If your business needs to be “always on,” Expedient is ready to help provide that access. Check out the variety of services we offer that can assist in 24/7/365 access to your data.

Steve Gruetter Steve Gruetter

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