Why You Need to Back Up Your Office 365 Exchange

March 14, 2016 2 min Read

SaaS Data Protection

Microsoft Office 365 continues to grow in popularity, especially among small to medium-sized businesses. However, the importance of backing up their Exchange environment outside of the Microsoft cloud is seemingly overlooked.

A secondary environment of Exchange is not necessarily a priority for organizations in part because of the high level of redundancy promised in the SLA and the fact that this is a Microsoft hosted service. There is still significant risk in storing your company’s email platform in the Microsoft cloud. Even though there is data replication between servers and data centers, this protection is predicated on serving Microsoft’s interests. They do not protect from user errors such as accidental deletion or an intentional malicious deletion caused by a disgruntled employee or saboteur. A third-party backup solution will protect against these data losses.

Another key reason for implementing third-party backup is that archiving old email addresses from former employees can be done easily and affordably. The email address can be deleted from the Microsoft cloud yet still live on in an archived format for as long as the company wants or needs in the event the information housed in that email box is needed for any purpose. For companies that abide by compliance policies such as HIPAA, SOX and many others, this is a stringent requirement.

Expedient offers a SaaS data protection solution for backing up Exchange Online that allows the user to back up and restore individual mailboxes, rather than the entire database, saving time and money. It will restore accidentally lost data that cannot be restored through the Microsoft cloud and you can choose among disk, tape or Evermore cloud storage for your backup options. For more information, download the information sheet.

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