How to Reduce your Risk of a Data Breach

March 03, 2016 2 min Read

Reducing your risk of a data breach with next-generation firewall solutions

Firewalls act as a secure gateway between a trusted network and other untrusted networks – such as the Internet – and only allows traffic into the network that is approved through the defined firewall policy. Firewalls protect your network and your data. Enhancing your firewall through added security features offers your network even greater protection.

As new technologies emerge, such as mobile, wireless access points and cloud computing, employing a next-generation or hosted dedicated active firewall solution can reduce your risk of data breaches. This solution can include unified threat management (UTM), which is a suite of security software that integrates into a single platform for upholding consistent security policies and protection across the network and/or organization. It provides all needed security for the organization through one product and one vendor by replacing multiple security software products running on separate servers; therefore, making things much easier on the IT staff.

Another upgraded firewall feature that can enhance security is intrusion detection and prevention (IDP). IDP enables the organization to enforce attack detection and prevention policies on approved traffic passing through the firewall.

AppSecure is another suite of application security capabilities that can be offered on a next-generation firewall solution. The suite includes AppTrack, AppFW and AppQos, which are enhanced control options for tracking, prioritization, access control, and intrusion detection and prevention at the application level. AppSecure understands application behaviors and weaknesses and can prevent application-borne security threats.

Expedient’s next-generation firewall solutions can meet your security needs at three different levels of protection: hosted dedicated active/passive firewall cluster, hosted dedicated active/passive firewall cluster with device management or advanced firewall content security bundle. Download the info sheet here.

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